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So, you called 911, and you are waiting for the emergency response folks (Fire, EMS, Police) to arrive. But, can they find you quickly?

Letís take a look at your house just as these emergency workers will as they rush along in your general direction, trying to find your house or property.

Is your house number shown on your house? Is it large enough to easily see from the street? Is it lit up so it can be seen at night?

Do you have your house number painted on the curb with fluorescent paint?

If you have a mailbox, do you have your house number on your mailbox? Large numbers? Easy to see? Fluorescent?

Do your neighbors have all of the above, to aid rescue workers locate them? And, if their houses are well identified, it makes it easier to find your house with the sequence of house numbers. Help others to help each other.

Consider installing a special light that flashes at your front door. There are special hardwired lights that are made for this purpose, under $20. Portable flashing lights can help as well.

Consider sending someone out to the street in front of your house to waive in the arriving emergency crew.

Consider sending someone down to the corner to waive in the arriving emergency crew. Take a flashlight at night.

Get your driveway, walkway, door, and hallways cleared of obstacles so emergency folks can get right in. Will a stretcher on wheels make it all the way in to the bedroom where the patient is located?

Get your medicines and patient medical information ready in advance. Have your health insurance card and drivers license ready. Have the patient's belongings gathered up if you will leave with the EMS crew.

Have a friend who has never been to your house make a test drive during the day and night to see if they can easily find your house.

Remember, time is critical or you would not be calling 911 for emergency assistance. So help yourself by making it easy for these folks to find you and get in quickly.

Written By:  George Cofran, BS, MBA, Paramedic


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