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Vial of Life Returns


North Blanco County EMS is implementing the Vial of Life program once again. It has been quite some time since the last program was implemented.

What is a Vial of Life? A Vial of life is simply a plastic spice jar that has a blank form inside of it. On that form a person can write their name, address, date of birth, medical history, medication lists, any known allergies, next of kin, social security number, insurance info, etc.

This can be very important during a time when a patient cannot give EMS this information. Whether it be the patient is unconscious or having a hard time breathing, etc.

How will EMS know the patient has a Vial of Life?

In the vial, I mentioned that there is a blank form to fill out. There will also be a sticker in the jar that says "Vial of Life", This sticker goes on the front door window of your residence. When EMS arrives to your residence, they will be on the look out for this sticker. If they see it, EMS will know to look in your refrigerator to find the Vial of Life.

Yes, thatís right, I said your refrigerator. Donít worry; we wonít drink all the beer. Placing the vial in the refrigerator has been the traditional location since the conception of the program.

Where can you get one of these Vials of Life you ask? NBCEMS will be at the Blanco County Fair and Rodeo grounds. The Vials can be picked up at our EMS booth that is going to be setup there. Come by and meet some of your Volunteers, see the EMS Monopoly theme, look at the pictures, hey maybe even a video ( some of you saw this video at our fish fry), and pick up a Vial. There will be color books and stickers for the youngsters as well.

Do you know someone that you think may need a Vial? Pick one up for them or let the EMS Volunteers know where they live. We will go deliver it to them if need be.

As always, NBCEMS will have an ambulance on the grounds for the contestants as well as for you if needed.

NBCEMS is providing this program to you the community so that you the community will be better served.

One more tidbit of information, NBCEMS has a new website. It is . It is still under construction, but there will be lots of information for the community to browse through. There is plenty of contact information on there so donít let your questions go unanswered. Keep checking back, the website will be improved daily.


Tim Vasquez EMT-P




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